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The new Bundahis, Bahman Yast, and you can Shayast La-Shayast, transl

Dina-we Mainog-we Khirad (or Feedback of Spirit of Facts)

PAHLAVI Texts. Part We. EW West (1880) SBE 5. Oxford: Clarendon. Which and further volumes change enduring theological and court messages (since identified about 1880s) of Zoroastrianism, presumed so you’re able to be a consequence of Avestan texts now lost. Translator comments toward of several problems and you can concerns away from their functions. Notes below are very tentative. Bundahis (or the Amazing Design). ch. XV: 1-5 (transl. pp. 52-54), design tale, earliest people and you will earliest lady, and a forest “whose fruits try the 10 types of man” – that have note in order to XV: 30 (pp. 59-60) in which footnote 6 talks about 10 designs of ‘monsters’, recalling legends out of uncommon racing in India. Mention including racial differentiation into the ch. XXIII: 1-dos (p. 87), today grossly unpleasant. ch. II: 97, fnt.5 (p. 270), significance out-of ‘armest’, together with ‘lame, crippled, immobility’. V: 1-2 (pp. 290-91) implies grade away from children’s responsibility getting wrong chatter during prayer day: to 5 years, no fault; out-of five to help you 7, age toward dad; 7 to fifteen, greater number of youth’s obligation. V: 7 (pp. 292-93) excuses deaf-and-dumb person that you should never generate proper response to prayers. VI: 1-dos, “The fresh deaf-and-dumb and you will helpless” (‘armest’: footnote dos brings possible meaning here, “a keen idiot, or wild individual”), in the event off right actions and you can spirits, “is unable to creating a great works”. X: 35 (p. 332), a woman are fit for certain priestly duties certainly feminine; footnote 6 alludes to Avestan passing in which “people lady who’s not feeble-minded” can do some priestly obligations to own youngsters.

PAHLAVI Messages. Part II. The new Dadistan-we Dinik plus the Epistles out of Manuskihar, transl. EW West (1882) SBE 18. Oxford: Clarendon. Dadistan-we Dinik (or Religious Feedback of Manuskihar young buck from Yudan-Yim, Dastur of Pars and Kirman, A great.D. 881).