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Allah, could possibly get The guy end up being exalted, claims (interpretation of meaning):

“There’s nothing incorrect with you getting the wife’s income that have their concur, in the event the she actually is a female from mature considering, therefore the exact same relates to whatever she will give you by way of help. Nothing is completely wrong to you accepting it, when the she gave they willingly and that’s a lady of adult considering, because the Allah, could possibly get The guy end up being exalted, says at the beginning of Surat a keen-Nisa (interpretation of the definition):

“In case they give you right up willingly for your requirements things from it, upcoming carry it inside satisfaction and you will ease.” [an-Nisa 4:4],

though that is without having any composed documentation. However, if she gave they for your requirements that have authored records, after that which is a great deal more sensible, for folks who anxiety particular objection out-of her friends otherwise nearest and dearest, or you concern that she will get changes their particular mind.” (Fatawa ash-Shaykh Ibn Baz, )